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Children adore sand, but adults do too. It reminds us of summer, the seaside and holidays.
Sand games contribute to the development of creative abilities, the removal of emotional stress, the development of fine motor skills.
How can the set be used? Install the arc and the cup, you can watch with the child how the sand is poured. It's exciting and very relaxing. Remove the arc and let your imagination fly. A Japanese garden, drawing in the sand, role-playing games with small toys, prints of objects - everything that fantasy tells. And remember the main rule of the game - no rules!

Sand set includes: sand bowl, bridge sand cup holder, two cups with different holes, 3 rakes, 2 sand drawing balls, drawing pen.
The set is made of beech wood and, like all our toys, is coated with certified Biofa oil.The oil has a European certificate and complies with the standard for the coating of children's toys DIN EN 71.3.

Dear customers, our production is located in Belarus. From here, our toys go to their owners. Please keep in mind that due to the political situation in Belarus, parcels take longer to travel. Keep this in mind if you are buying a toy for a specific date.  We really hope that the longer delivery will not force you to abandon the purchase.  
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